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Corporate Sales and Marketing

Building the Foundation

Moving from a marketing culture to a sales culture is one of the most difficult transitions senior housing companies make. Just as difficult for growing companies today is to find the resources and people to get that job done well. Too often, the marketing tail wags the dog in companies that don’t grasp the critical importance of being sales-driven, rather than marketing-driven. Stephen Wright’s experience in running the sales and marketing departments for companies ranging in size from 1000 units to over 3,500 units has brought the experience to assist small to medium sized companies to help them build the right foundation.

In the past three years alone, WMMS has worked with four companies – ranging from 4 communities to 55 communities – in building the sales and marketing culture. In a recent project, WMMS introduced and implemented a company-wide intranet sales tracking system, trained the team in its use and established daily, weekly and monthly benchmarks for each community. Through a roll up program, corporate executives can view all communities in a comparative report each week. Additionally, an assessment of the outreach marketing efforts and lack of tangible sales metrics and benchmarks handicapped the sales force in the field.

Sales support tools and marketing tools were created for all communities to use a web site tied to a national printer enabled this firm’s multiple communities to order 22 different sales and marketing collateral pieces –offering an assortment of professional, consistent and inexpensive tools for the sales team – including collaterals article, reprints, newsletters and financial planning worksheets.

Establishing clear, concise weekly sales and marketing reports enabled the sales force to understand their role and responsibilities and leveled the playing field as to what mattered and what drove success in each community. Finally, WMMS helped the firm hire and train the Director of Sales, providing the executive with sales training manuals, sales tools and the education and abilities to work as a Director of Sales for 18 communities in a wide geographic region.

In today’s rapidly-changing senior housing marketplace, firms need to look for as many new ideas and a slight edge or advantage in the marketplace. WMMS provides the new tools, innovative ideas and challenges firms to move to a new level of thinking as we deal with a new era of the mature market. Solutions and a new image of aging has enabled WMMS to assist companies build a solid sales and marketing foundation.

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