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As part of Steve Wright's presentation at NIC Program, he and several leading experts in the industry collaborated on and collected key data on sales and marketing metrics for the assisted living, independent living and CCRC Industries.


Where do you find 20 percent more qualified leads? From Referral Sources of course. The problem is people say they know how to market to referral sources but they are getting no results. Invite Wright Mature Market Services to present their one-day seminar on building your referral source business for long-term success. What is it going to take to succeed in today's guerrilla marketplace? The program is guaranteed to open your eyes to a new world of referral source marketing.

Fixing the hole in the boat called sales

Not since the late 1980s has the senior housing industry been in such a quandary. You can read all of the great PR that comes from national associations about rising occupancies, but the opposite is true in far too many communities across the United States - I know I see them every day.

We at WMMS are very busy these days in working with communities that have finally admitted that the old way of doing things is not working to fix that hole in the boat. They are also realizing that the answer is to not to believe that by just firing the sales team every six months is an even bigger mistake. So what is the answer?

Sales! It's that simple - yet it is pretty complicated. I liken a successful sales person in our industry to a baseball superstar. A baseball superstar has great skills in four five areas; hitting, hitting for power, a good glove, speed and great instincts. Very few make it to stardom without having all or many of those tools. So too is it for a successful "retirement counselor today."

Asking great questions, listening, uncovering the true objection, strategizing (wows) specific prospect solutions and closing are our five tools. Yet so many executives or regional management types look at sales as an all or nothing process. It's not; it's all of these things. So what we are doing with our clients is showing them the problem and then working on the tools that are weakest in order to make sales people effective and successful - which breads confidence and more success. And believe me it is working!

Yes the economy is tough - but what are you going to do just wait it out or keep doing the same old things and expect new results. There are a small percentage of communities out there that are awakening to the fact that things won't be changing anytime soon with a drastic change to their sales process. It's time to get that dirty little secret revealed and fixed!

If your company or association would like to schedule a Conference speaker, full or half day Seminar, Webinar series, or even a single Webinar training on any number of sales and marketing topics, contact us at steve@wrightmaturemarket.com.

Additional Partnerships:

Steve sits on the Educational Committee and is also a frequent speaker for the California Assisted Living Association (CALA). Please visit their website to see upcoming events and for more information www.caassitedliving.org.

Stephen Wright is a guest lecturer for University of Washington's Commercial Real Estate certification program in Tacoma, Washington. Steve presents on the changing face of seniors housing and development opportunities available today. For more information visit www.uwtacoma.org.

What Should Sales & Marketing Experts be Acheiving in these Tough Times

As part of Steve Wright's presentation at the NIC Program, he and several leading experts in the industry collaborated on and collected key data on sales and marketing metrics for the assisted living, independent living and CCRC Industries.

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