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Making Lemonade out of Lemons

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Making Lemonade out of Lemons

CCRC Misses The Boat on Product Design

The Challenge
An established CCRC had a new 48 apartment Independent Living building built on its campus. Despite being the premiere provider in the area, the community’s efforts to design for today’s senior market failed once the product was introduced. They had missed the market in product style and sales were floundering.

WMMS was brought in to assess how the project could be salvaged and filled in order to meet loan requirements. Research in the market, and an internal SWOT Analysis was done to determine the market opportunity and potential of repositioning; actually a repositioning of the product in the mind of the consumer was in order.

WMMS suggested making some minor physical plant recommendations and creating value-added programs and services as the starting point. Next, WMMS began looking at the profiles of those residents that had moved in. Focus groups uncovered some unique selling points as well as identifying the typical consumer for the apartments. As a result, WMMS retrained the sales team, reworked the sales message and helped the team recognize a more qualified buyer for the apartments. Value-added services, intangible touches and a higher level of customer service programs for these consumers was implemented.

The project caught up to initial expectations and filled in time to meet loan and internal expectations through a more intensive, focused sales effort to a more qualified, albeit smaller pool of prospects.

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